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25 evidence that after 30 life only gets better

everything is allowed Thirty year milestone scares many it seems that after him everything changes and not for the better. But it is not so We found 25 evidence that life on the contrary it becomes clearer and happier.

everything is allowed

easier to openly express sincere emotion whether it be hurt anxiety or excitement.
leaving most fears darkness interviews or a serious relationship. Are you proud of your courage and do not regret the missed opportunities.
constructive criticism and comments of detractors is no longer the same. If the way of your ideas gets stranger common envy you do not pay attention to it and implement his plan.
look for the ideal not interested. A handsome prince whom you invented in the 15th has 45 important qualities

for you and only one drawback it does not exist. Looking closely to the men around you know they are not perfect but textured and attractive.
you have a couple of signature dishes fried eggs with tomatoes and cheese and pasta nautically. And let’s all you basically know how to cook.
you make her own decisions rather than waiting while others are doing it.
knowledge in practical use. Collecting information which is not going to use is useless. You realize that it is impossible to deeply understand everything so choose something which is really interesting.
life becomes more organized. Once you appreciate the spontaneity and the word plan was synonymous with boredom. Now you know exactly what is right built day helps to save time.
suffering no longer bring moral satisfaction. Cried for a week after the break okay. But the year did not come out of depression an informed choice. You are always responsible for their own actions and not shift the responsibility for peace of mind on someone else.
chat with people who irritate or oppressed comes to naught.
you can not do something just because you should. The ability to deny and prioritize has nothing to do with self interest.
there is no doubt in the thirty and you are much smarter more confident and sexier than ever before so take your age and not jealous twenty years.
there is no need for someone to save them. You do not give advice when you do not ask and doing their own affairs instead of magnanimous decision of someone’s problems.
the world is not divided for you in black and white and people to smart and stupid, or good and bad. Judge others by themselves wrongly because their values upbringing and education level may be different from yours.
easier to set specific goals. When you know where to go you act more effectively and more quickly not complain it decided not to what you want to justify inaction.
you’re a responsible approach to health. Drink the same tablet and a headache and the temperature of course it is convenient but is unlikely to be very helpful. Instead of suppressing symptoms you try to eliminate the cause of ailments.
perfectionism does not seem a good idea. The need to be perfect inhibits the development distracts from the really important things and threatens to disappointment if expectations do not match with reality. The desire to do everything perfectly kills enjoy the process.
proper nutrition a habit not a fad. You say no to starvation and miracle diets which promise to get rid of the extra 10 kg for 3 days.
improved relationships with parents. As a teenager, you have to defend their position and often acted out of spite. But then came the certainty that need not be against family and along with them.
not so scared to lose. The desire to always win only the alarm that you would be unworthy of love not being the best in everything. But the failure it’s your extra experience.
you have specialists for all occasions proven beautician a gynecologist and a therapist. You do not save on your body and do not trust it to just anyone.
your wardrobe is 70% of the basic things. You know what you are know how to combine things and before the next denim skirt purchase or bright color shirt do you think what you will wear them.
an evening alone with him a great pastime. To hide from the world does not want but to make you feel happy you no longer need someone’s company.
you save money. In order to save up for something big it takes a long time but the result is exactly please
take yourself so easily Do you want to take the presidency ( if not the country but a large company)? Or to leave the city and raise three children? You do not look up to someone to meet other people’s ideals and to choose their own path.

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