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California wants to give undocumented health insurance

California wants to give undocumented health insurance

Covered California authorities made an exception to the Health Care Act to authorize undocumented workers to purchase health insurance through that local exchange market.

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The measure if accepted by the Department of Health and Human Resources would benefit families such as Esteban Yanes pictured with her daughter Samantha who lives in Perris works in construction and does not have access to the benefits of A medical insurance although it pays taxes regularly.

In the country there are about 11 million undocumented immigrants. But only those living in California – approximately $ 90000 – would receive the benefits of this initiative.

Currently the Health Care Act does not allow illegal immigrants to buy health insurance through markets nor receive government subsidies to help pay premiums and lower out-of-pocket costs.

In a letter to Health Secretary Sylvia Burwell and dated September 30 CoveredCa’s Executive Director -Peter Lee- said the Health Care Act has been tremendously successful in California helping to lower the rate Of uninsured in half from 17.2 percent to 8.6 percent in 2015.

In the application Lee mentions that the measure would consist of offering new unsubsidized plans called California Qualified Health Plans.

With this we will build on the successful implementation of health reform in California and continue our historic efforts to reduce the uninsured Lee wrote in the letter to Burwell.

If the exception to the law is not authorized the California insurance market will continue to restrict health coverage to undocumented workers.

The document that accompanies the letter to the Secretary of Health argues in favor of the measure. This buy restriction is a barrier for these residents who make a significant contribution to the economy by paying more than $ 3 billion in local taxes each year.

The biggest impact says the document would be on families with mixed immigration status undocumented parents US born children and therefore citizens as it would allow the whole family to have health coverage and children would have greater access To health care. Studies show that children with health insurance whose parents are also insured are more likely to receive medical and other preventive care says the paper

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