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Clogged nose, it’s hard to breathe? – We offer natural remedies

Clogged nose, it’s hard to breathe? – We offer natural remedies

Sea water has been used for centuries to cure or ameliorate the symptoms of infections or allergies in the airways and throat obtaining very successful results to eliminate bacteria to lubricate and to decongest. It is not uncommon for him to be considered more and more seriously by modern medicine.

Clogged nose, it's hard to breathe

Swimming in the sea listening to the waves sliding on the sand and enjoying the sound of water is in addition to a recreational activity or rest a fact that is extremely beneficial to the health of everyone.

It is true Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian and the Greek knew that contact with this medium is ideal for alleviating skin stomach intestinal nervous and heart conditions as well as to aid in the optimal functioning of the respiratory system.

Do not worry if at this moment you can not leave your occupations and go to the nearest beach because it is possible to take advantage of such an important resource thanks to researches dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries made by the physiologist Of the functioning of the organism of the living beings and French biologist René Quinton and that at the moment they take on new strengths to bring all the curative potential of the sea water to the human being wherever he is.

Join us to learn more about the history and usefulness of this invaluable resource that many otolaryngologists consider as an effective tool in the treatment of throat ear and nose problems due to the properties it has demonstrated on multiple occasions and which are endorsed by different medical bodies.

Ocean of possibilities

Although the earliest references to the use of sea water as a healing medium go back to the texts of the Greek physician Hippocrates 460 to 355 BC his benefits were reconsidered until very late thanks to René Quinton.

The physiologist was a victim of severe tuberculosis a disease of the lungs manifested by cough fever fatigue weight loss and difficulty breathing that decimated his strength and this was an excuse for a friend of his to provide a text of Plato Greek philosopher who lived between 428 and 348 BC in which the classical thinker narrates that he had a respiratory condition and that for this reason several Egyptian priests subjected him to a marine cure which consisted of In being in contact with the ocean and drinking its previously treated waters.

Knowing that he had nothing to lose Quinton applied these procedures in his person and to the surprise of his own and strangers managed to heal in a short time. Enthusiastic he intensified his study in the matter and concluded that sea water besides being the place where life originated has a composition similar to animal and human blood.

Thus he came to the risky conclusion that blood is an inner sea that allows life and moreover that blood plasma can be replaced by properly treated seawater becoming a potential remedy against various diseases. The resistance to his ideas was obvious so he had to resort to forceful demonstrations to defend his postulates.

To this end Quinton adopted some diseased dogs to which he extracted an important part of the blood volume which he replaced with dilute sea water so that it had the same amount of salts as the mammalian plasma 9 grams of salts per liter.

Again the results were astounding as the dogs survived and even within a few hours increased their vitality. The conclusions of these works were published in 1904 under the title The sea water organic half.

The desire to extend his knowledge led the physiologist to create three years later clinics or marine clinics where they were attended to multiple diseases with success.

In spite of this a series of facts made that original resource was partially abandoned the use of penicillin was used to combat infections the procedures for registering the sea water solution as a medicine were very slow and above all because Creator and leading ideologue of this therapy passed away in 1925.

New wave

The use of oceanic water has once again captured the interest of many people especially those who seek non-aggressive alternatives to the body. For example baths with sea water thalassotherapy are very employed in spas and beauty centers as they help to reduce anxiety and stress not forgetting that they relax muscles and provide nutrients for the skin.

In addition in the strictly medical field we now have two products used as auxiliaries in therapy against diseases

  • Plasma of Quinton. It is the traditional or isotonic solution which has a concentration of salts of 9 grams per liter.
  • Duplase of Quinton. Also called hypertonic they have a concentration of 21 grams of marine salts per liter.
  • The European legislation which is the most detailed in this regard states that none of these products should be injected subcutaneously and at the moment only authorizes their consumption as a beverage and food supplement sold in ampoules of 10 milliliters on the skin Solution or to improve the health of the respiratory tract spray.

To comply with sanitary measures seawater is extracted from the same area as René Quinton that is 30 meters below the surface and 10 meters above the seabed since it is purer there.

Before being packaged the product is cold sterilized so that it does not lose properties it is filtered and finally because the natural concentration of salts is of 30 grams by liter it is diluted with distilled water until obtaining the correct graduation.

The list of conditions in which marine water acts as an auxiliary is as broad as it is surprising as it is credited with the ability to help correct problems of

Prostate gland male reproductive tract skin lesions caused by burns stings or psoriasis inflammation and swelling of the skin which appears reddish and covered with scales arthritis gingivitis gastrointestinal disorders diarrhea stomach infections And bowel fatigue kidney disease and eating disorders among others.

Only consumption is discouraged in people who are forbidden to ingest salt.

The reason why a single product is able to alleviate so many problems according to Quinton’s plasma defenders is that the particular mixture of ingredients in seawater favors optimal circulation and liquid renewal at the cellular level Which has been identified as the origin of all kinds of illnesses and which naturally diminishes as we age for this reason older people become sick more often according to this theory.

Does it sound like fiction? This is not the case especially if we take into account that the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2003 was awarded to the American scientists Peter Agre and Roderick MacKinnon who discovered the channels in the cell membrane that allow the flow of liquids as well as the importance of The salts for the fluid circulation to occur on a microscopic scale.

The opinion issued by the Academy that gives such a prestigious award explains that this research has made it possible to understand at a molecular level how the kidneys act to recover water or how the electrical signals are generated and propagated between neurons not to mention that they have also Improved knowledge of certain diseases where the efficiency of water channels is diminished by dehydration and sensitivity to heat.

Thus the potential possibilities of sea water are immense and could give us a new surprise if we consider that several studies are underway at the University of Barcelona and the Veterinary Hospital of Mataró both in Spain aimed at scientifically testing and using methods Current what is the utility and healing capacity of Quinton plasma.

Sea breeze

It is remarkable that the breathing is much simpler and pleasant when we are near the sea. This is due to a large extent to the fact that the atmosphere and height are more friendly than in a city but could also have its origin in the saline properties of the environment.

In effect the administration of sea water spray and sometimes as a drink about 20 or 30 minutes before the meal or at least an hour and a half after the meal.

It favors the fight against diseases such as

Flu and cold. Diseases caused by viruses that present in upper respiratory tract nose and throat; Its symptoms include general malaise nasal obstruction sneezing dry cough infrequent and sometimes slight elevation of body temperature.
Sinusitis. Obstruction and congestion of the paranasal sinuses cavities in the bones of the skull that connect to the nostrils almost always by infection. It causes very severe headache mucus discharge and fever.
Allergic rhinitis. Nasal irritation that causes sneezing itching watering stuffy nose difficulty breathing abundant nasal secretions and lack of smell. It is often persistent and is triggered by contact with irritating elements allergens such as smoke dust or animal hair.
Pharyngitis. Inflammation of the pharynx upper throat that causes pain and irritation. It is caused by microorganisms pollution and tobacco consumption.
Dry nose. It can be due to other ailments like rhinitis or by environmental pollution and smoking. It causes discomfort in breathing irritation and in many cases bleeding from the nose.
Otitis. Inflammation of the ears is mainly due to an infection in the throat or nostrils which extends to the auditory system through the ducts Eustachian tubes that allow communication between these structures.
Bronchitis. Disease of the bronchi or internal structures of the lungs. It is caused by viruses bacteria pollution or exposure to cigarette smoke which causes coughing wheezing tiredness and fatigue. The use of seawater spray is advised as a mere aid with European specialists preferring to treat this problem orally.
Asthma. Obstruction of the respiratory system due to the inflammation of the ducts that carry air to the lungs as a result of exaggerated sensitivity or allergy to allergens. Generates cough choking sensation and favors the appearance of respiratory infections. It is also recommended to use oral solution in your treatment.
In addition to activating fluid circulation at the molecular level sea spray has proven effective in moisturizing and cleaning the nostrils upper throat and paranasal sinuses where small hairs Cilia that have the function of sweeping or stopping bacteria and other particles dragging them towards the pharynx so that they are swallowed there.

In this way it has shown to be very useful in problems of nasal obstruction and can even be used as a preventive in the winter season or by those who suffer from allergy.

It should be noted that seawater can be used in conjunction with other medicines such as antibiotics and that in addition to salt contains more than 90 chemical elements among which three that give it its curative prestige

  • Copper has anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Manganese Helps control allergic reactions.
  • Silver eliminates harmful bacteria.
  • The application of seawater spray is the most common way in Mexico to approach this therapy and rarely has side effects. In particular the use of traditional isotonic solution is free of restrictions but when using the product of higher concentration in salts hypertonic has to be used with moderation to avoid irritation of mucous membranes internal throat tissue and nostrils.

As you can see we can now enjoy the benefits of the sea in many ways and the future of this important resource is in full growth; We only need to indicate that the use of sea water should be supervised by your attending physician in case of using ampoules to drink otolaryngologist when applied as a spray or dermatologist when using the skin solution in order to obtain advice And greater benefits.

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