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Dry sauna and its benefits for body mind and spirit

Dry sauna and its benefits for body mind and spirit

When you hear or say dry saunas first thought go in Finland. Historical evidence is undeniable when it comes to the place and the people who first used the sauna.

It happened 2000 years ago when Finnish saunas built in places carved into the hills. These pockets have taken place over time saunas made of logs.

Dry sauna and its benefits

Savusauna means in finnish “smoke sauna”. This name is because the stones were heated by wood fire. Smoke filled the room and at the same time heating and air. When the temperature was optimal the smoke was exhausted and could go into the sauna. The smell of burnt wood was part of the ritual of purification.
Following the course of evolution has moved from this form when heated stones in a metal stove equipped with a hood called kiuas.

Loyly as they are called steam vapor is formed by pouring water on hot stones. Finns a worthy and courageous people bundles of birch twigs used to hit her skin. The result was a higher stimulation of the pores and epithelial cells. For them dry saunas is today a place of purification and rejuvenation of the body and refresh the spirit. I can not remember that these dry saunas were the beginning of a mystical universe where there were no sex differences. And because it was the cleanest room sauna and have water available Finnish women were born in the sauna.

Keeping these historical details return to dry saunas today. The dry sauna rooms are specially designed for high temperatures experimentation to a moisture content reaches about 20%. Variation in a dry sauna temperature is between 60 and 110 degrees Celsius is the most commonly used 90 degree Celsius. Benefits sauna a synthesized manner are

  • relaxes muscles
  • Increases resistance to infection
  • It accelerates the blood stream
  • detoxifies the body
  • revitalizes skin
  • Improve respiratory function
  • Improve mood

In terms of using dry sauna are recommended halves of 15 minutes to alternate with pauses of cooling and hydration. One of the recommendations for use of the sauna after physical activity is more sustained in times of stress and fatigue or when not practicing cardio.
It is not recommended to enter a dry sauna if we eat more or have been drinking since our state will not be too good in these cases.
Not recommended for people with heart disease dry sauna with oncological diseases with diseases and pregnant women. These recommendations are due to metabolic changes that occur in a dry sauna.
At the end of this little dissertation I think it’s useful to tell you what you need when you go to the sauna. The first thing is the costume of Adam and Eve that certainly you have for yourself. If you are more shy you can use a towel preferably cotton. Swimwear of synthetic material are not indicated because it too hot. Then you need a small towel that you use it to protect your hair and oils with different flavors depending on what you want to achieve by using dry saunas .

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