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Find a powerful and innovative welding machine optical fiber offer electronic sales Telecoms

Find a powerful and innovative welding machine optical fiber offer electronic sales Telecoms

Welders know how hard it is to deal with all requirements of employers today because the pieces to be perfect solder resist in time and the results are remarkable. Old welding are no longer topical although still working with them in big factories but in Romania appeared new appliances innovative performance which prove to be very useful welders everywhere. We present in the following stunning welding machine fiber offer electronic sales Telecoms company.

innovative welding machine optical fiber

Optical fiber welding machine models of Electronic Sales Telecoms
First we are pleased to present Fujikura fiber welding machine 70 S one of the fastest in the world with shock protection anti-dust and anti humidity. This welding machine fiber can be found in the company’s offer is intended Telecoms Sales Electronic telecommunications segment being able to withstand a fall from 760 mm in any direction. Benefits however a mirrorless optical system and is resistant to rain and dust proved to be a robust and reliable device.

By accessing the website of the Electronic Sales Telecoms you will discover and Fujikura fiber welding device 12 and designed for FTTH. This equipment is ideal for small spaces and the software can be updated via the Internet. Welding machine modal fiber Fujikura 12 S is very easy small portable protection against dust shock humidity and the LCD monitor is resistant to scratches and visible even in sunlight. On the other hand we recommend you Fujikura fiber welding machine 19 and for telecommunications segment and Fujikura 62 S aligned Activity core classic design. Its carrying case can be used as desk and Li-Ion battery provides over 200 cycles welding / heating sleeves. Welding machine fiber optic FTTH 22 S is small and powerful with ideal features that are found in devices very expensive resistant to dust shock and moisture a life extended to 3000 welds and a screen that provides a clear picture in sunlight.

Be in step with technology Purchase a welding machine fiber from electronic sales experts Telecoms
Those from electronic sales Telecoms know exactly what you will need to work through and provides performance solutions at very good prices with innovative features. If optical fiber welding machine we recommend some amazing models both in design and in performance leading welding to another level. Stepping into the shop online you will find Telecoms Sales Electronic and telecommunication equipment optical fiber measurement devices labeling machines fiber optic tools fiber supplies and the list goes on

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