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I want to be beautiful where the line between normal and abnormal

I want to be beautiful where the line between normal and abnormal

I want to be beautiful

On the one hand the desire to look good is natural for every human being. On the other the infinite perfection of face and body often turns into a pathological passion. How to distinguish normal from disease? Let’s talk about it.

When a person wants to look beautiful it is absolutely normal. And this is true both for women and for men. By the way in recent times men’s beauty industry in terms of growth ahead of the female male cosmetics line extended appearing beauty salons for men only I’m not talking about hair salons and Barbershop. Already perfectly normal if a man goes to the hair removal manicures and pedicures and no sane person would not see there is no connection with the orientation. And that’s fine The desire to care for themselves for their face hair and body is a healthy attitude

This is not rejection of their appearance. There is a desire to improve it that is. And it’s very very important important point. When a person wants to look beautiful this is normal. Abnormal when the promise is I do not want to look ugly. The difference here is huge and now we will discuss it in detail.

When a person does not like in appearance, it is not for the beauty of its own aims he does not adorn himself he tries to make himself who like others. You see the difference? Not himself submit the most advantageous manner and mimic socially approved standard of beauty. As a rule these people suffer often alas women with low self esteem and complexes.

These women are easily recognized by their characteristic behavior. They tend to evaluate the appearance of the surrounding this ugly that complete this unfashionable she groomed, and keep coming back to the topic of How to fix itself. They then sit on a diet then torture themselves in the gym then run for cosmetologists then learn to do superprofessionalnyh makeup and wear it every day in extreme cases go to plastic surgeons to tailor the new appearance. This severe pathology actually. This rejection of himself at a deep level.

I repeat just apply makeup because like quite naturally. As well it is natural to choose the clothes which goes and sits well pick up accessories which combine well and interesting look. Normal and care for the skin so that it was a healthy normally go to a fitness club to keep the muscles toned.

The question is for whom the woman is doing. If she herself from this well all right. When she underlines its advantages it’s fine. As soon as the battle for standards compliance as soon as she begins to want to be like someone else as soon as she had a thought that she had a nose the wrong form but the breasts are not that size begins pathology.

I’ll be back to plastic surgery. It could get the impression that I had a radical opponent. Not at all. If there is an objective physical flaw which frankly spoils the appearance, I only for the fact that occupational therapists have helped to get rid of it. For example a huge mole on his nose or severely protruding ears if it comes to an abrupt disharmony with the person or there is a certain asymmetry which can be eliminated or crooked nose as a result of injury or the breast after feeding lose shape and want to return everything as it was. It can and should correct all this and well that modern technologies allow it.

But it will be your nose your ears after the operation in the mirror, you’ll still see themselves rather than a stranger. That is the desire to have someone else’s nose other people’s eyes a strange shape of the face another’s chest it’s a sign that the problem is not in the chest or nose and in my head.

This means that there is no awareness in the mind of this girl that everyone is beautiful and unique. She has the perfect image how beautiful, and it is ready to break yourself and your uniqueness to adjust to this fictional ideal. These women sometimes become permanent clients of plastic surgeons because it redraws itself to the tastes of a new lover. It turns out that there is, and the person on the inside there is no one shell. Repainted polished you can use it.

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