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Information About essential oils

Information About essential oils

The cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants as basic design has the production of product with maximum essential oil content. At the same time the satisfactory performance must accompany a high quality which in many cases is linked to the establishment of essential oils.

Information About essential oils

Essential oils are highly volatile substances which means that in practice very easily lost through evaporation. This therefore means that any source of heat introduced into the plant material is certain yield loss of essential oil. Ultimately the receipt of essential oils seems to be a process which will inevitably happen reduction in performance.

The antimicrobial activity of essential oils occur in a large number of herbs with the content of phenolic compounds such as thymol carvacrol and eugenol and a monoterpenes such as linalool nerol etc. This means that any component can affect their percentage ratio in essential oil there are many chances to reduce the overall quality of the essential oil.

A series of studies have shown that the action of monoterpenes and phenolic compounds greatly influenced by drainage of tissues before you start the process of receipt of essential oils. Tests on bacterial action such as enterococcus staphylococcus and other harmful microorganisms are the experimental options for documenting the findings.

Finally some of the studies concluded that the extraction of essential oils from fresh plant tissues superior pharmaceutical and economically compared with receipt after drying.

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