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Ritual of salt and lemon to cleanse of negative energies

Ritual of salt and lemon to cleanse of negative energies

Easy and simple formula to remove a person’s bad energy bad luck evil eye envy bad luck spells even spoken curses negativity can contain from negative thoughts of the person that all they do is attract Like a magnet similar situations even subtle spirits that someone has sent.

Ritual of salt and lemon to cleanse of negative energies

So to make us clean simple but useful we will need

  • A knife
  • Half lemon
  • Fat or marine salt not the thin one
  • 5 spice cloves
  • A dish
  • Put salt in the dish leaving it flat. With the knife we make a cross with this we represent that we are cutting the negativity.
  • After this we take the half lemon and the five cloves of spices and we nail these in the pulp of the lemon or in the inner part not in the zone of the shell first one up another down another in the center One to the left and one to the right. In the view we see that it is a cross in the face of the pulp.
    All this we put it 3 days under the bed or the bedside table in case of not being able to put it.
  1. Salt as we know absorbs a lot of negativity represents justice is a symbol of natural purification.
  2. The lemon cuts everything that they send us besides being purifying.
  3. Spice cloves symbolizing the Christian cross symbol of protection and rejection of negativity.
  4. What this work does is absorb that negative energy from our aura and leave us freer making us feel better.

After three days you have to look at whether the lemon has changed. If it is somewhat dry in the area of ​​the pulp the person does not have external negative energy or at least if there is no external energy. That is there is no witchcraft.
If it has rotted a bit with fungi it does have negative energy and it is affecting it a bit.
If it is black the person has quite strong negativity either witchcraft or internal and it is affecting him very much.
Whatever the result everything is taken and returned to nature and buried everything that is even the plate is also thrown into the sea but the dish better buried it apart and the rest throw it to the sea to a place Where there is plenty of power.

All this is done to make the element Earth or Sea purify it and raise the vibration of that bad energy to make it positive.

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