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Ritual of salt and vinegar to eliminate negative energies

Ritual of salt and vinegar to eliminate negative energies

Ritual of salt and vinegar for the loaded atmospheres bad atmosphere discussions

The Ritual of salt and vinegar are mythical ingredients used since ancient times in Alchemy in religions rituals of magic etc.Ritual of salt and vinegar to eliminate negative energies

They are traditional elements of hospitality in many countries. For example according to the Military Orders of Carlos III the soldiers had the right to demand them where they lodged.

The Ritual of salt and vinegar is based on a reaction between both compounds that could be placed in the border between the physico-chemical.

It is a cleaning process very old debatable if you want but in practice eliminates the harmfulness or the malfunction in most cases.

Formula of Vinegar with Salt – For the El Brujo Shiva

Take 1 glass glass and put in it 3 tablespoons of salt.
Fill it with white wine vinegar the normal one.
Put the glass on a plate and place it behind the door of the house.
If the house is very large put several cleaning jars spread out.

You can put 1 behind the door another in the dining room and another under the bed.

Leave them there and forget about them. After a few days take a look and see how it is.

Therefore if you have climbed the salt through the vessel getting out of it it means that it is cleaning the environment of vibrations.

Casualties envy jealousy arguments etc..

When the background salt has been put on colors green pink purple etc. it is announcing negativity on the site.

Instead if the salt has not come out and is normal it means there is no negativity in place.

Whatever the salt is you have to leave it until it evaporates. You do not have to touch the salt with hands because in it rests the negativity. It is removed and washed with water to dissolve the salt.

The process is repeated whenever it is desired.

If the salt has climbed it means that it is cleaning

How does the technique work?

Vinegar when mixed with salt is saturated with ions. As it evaporates it passes into the environment and prevents bad vibrations from taking shape. As vinegar is an acid it goes well to clean the environment as negative thought forms swarm in the environment.

Sometimes you can see strange shapes in the salt. And they are also interpreted.

Your forms

In the form of scales coming out of the vessel going upward it means that negativity is caused by anger lead visits or emotional distress. It is not dangerous because it is an energy that is generated every day. It can be motivated by the simple coexistence and the friction of the day to day.
Needles that come out of the mouth of the vessel and crystallize means that the negativity is caused by envy thoughts not pronounced mental discomfort and aggression. There is an atmosphere of struggle between wills. In this case it is advised that the person seals and harmonizes the environment. Maybe the people that are there are bad and their discomfort creates an envy in disguise.
If the salt forms strange figures like crows toads snakes or eye snakes . We could have some declared enemy who does not like us.

Depending on the shape of the salt it is interpreted in one way or another. In any case it is clear that pinchos needles or tenebrous symbols announce negativity.

The best thing is that it does not go out or get colored. As it indicates total cleanliness of the place.

Have you never practiced this formula?

I advise you to do it. It’s amazing to see how it works.

You do not have to believe her to do it. It works without faith.

I advise you to use normal cooking salt. Do not use iodized salt or grain or anything. Normal salt you have to cook. With the vinegar the same happens. I have used apple lemon red wine etc. vinegar. Nothing in the end the best is the usual white wine vinegar. The cheapest you can buy at any supermarket.

Another thing. Some people advise to put a glass with water and salt to clean the environment. Okay it’s good. But there is nothing like vinegar and salt. Instead of water add vinegar and salt. It is the best.

In accordance with the Laws of Chemistry

Prigogine was able to demonstrate that this can happen with his theory of the Dissipative Structures which won him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1977.

To establish his theory was based on the intriguing reaction Belusov-Zhabotinsky BZ. Prigogine without rejecting the 2nd Principle of Thermodynamics proved that it could be overcome if there were three conditions

That it is a non-linear system that is in which the effects are not proportional to the causes.
Be far from balance
A flow of energy goes through it.
The phenomenon of salt rise is a typical example of dissipative structure such as the BZ reaction. Vinegar obtained by the acetic fermentation of wine although with the predominance of acetic acid is a mixture of numerous different compounds.

Although acetic acid can not displace the hydrochloric acid from the salt it is likely that when this is saturated other reactions with other components will be initiated.

Chemically it is impossible an effervescence that traces the mixture. This is a little linear and far from equilibrium.

Two conditions of Prigogine are fulfilled. The third the flow of energy could come from these entities or negative forces? Free energy theorists also rely on Prigogine’s theories to justify capturing an energy flow from the chaotic Zero Point Energy.

The vitalist schools assume the existence of an energetic element bioplasm orgone prana Qi that maintains the complexity of the vital phenomenon against the laws of Physics and this 2nd Principle of thermodynamics.

Appealing to a parallelism we could imagine something similar that maintains and feeds these annoying presences and the curse projected by a sorcerer at a distance.

The reaction of vinegar and salt

Which needs an external energy flow preferentially trap the energy required by these projections or mobilize the sorcerers. There is a distortion of the flow and the harmful charge dissipates.
This reaction can also occur and sometimes with surprising rapidity in sacred places temples etc. where it is assumed that there is an intense positive energy charge both because of its location in telluric energy sources and by the accumulation of positive projections of the Faithful who have frequented it for years and for the hypothetical presence of entities with beneficial dimensions such as the angels.

In a way it is somewhat similar to the reactions of Alchemy which are conditioned by subtle forces of the alchemist himself and other extradimensional origins as the energetic ocean mobilized by him.

In any case the experiment of salt and vinegar is indicative of an environmental energy which can be negative and disturbing or positive and healthy.

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