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Single does not mean one

Single does not mean one Do I know the problem I am not married. Moreover I have for two years do not have a permanent relationship. And yesterday the question colleagues What will you do at the weekend? I replied I shall sleep and bake scones. A colleague was so upset I felt sorry for her and ashamed of myself.

Single does not mean one

I do not know how to help people who are so worried about me. I would like to but I can not. The thing is now I really wonder oven English muffins than go on dates. I myself do not just used to it. Almost my entire adult life, I was at least in some kind of relationship so. Sometimes imagined but more often in the present sometimes even formalized. And two years ago having parted with a man who for a long time and much loved I decided to slow down. You know as a field is left fallow to give it a rest? So I wanted something similar. Stay under steam and single. Become field which may well stand for a season or two without regular plowing earthing up and udabrivaniya forgive me this analogy men and agricultural workers. I was involved in the surprisingly fast. In the world as it turned out a lot of things activities, and people that are interesting to me.

Here scones for example try to find the right English recipe. Or friends alas they immediately appear in the list for a meal such a man that I am. Or long walks on foot and by bicycle or books and movies in English and French or lectures on literature in the park. I have learned to look for cheap airline tickets and booked the small guest house in Austria and more take not nervous a crowd of visitors and to build for them pillows scarves and blankets tablecloths. I took home a permutation vaguely reminiscent of repairs dismantled old diaries and photos found and gave parents a tough cat reconciled with his girlfriend who was mad at me half a lifetime ago. I tried to stand on skates and I realized it was not mine the same with lasagna ballet India and Game of ThronThis is a very good life. The concept of sloulayf in action. I’m not in a hurry in the morning I wake up with joy. And all day I feel happy. Only no one believes me. Where they say man? Relationships where? When you as all normal people to establish itself Tinder rather than engage in this nonsense? I have sometimes she does not believe it. Especially when you tell someone how was your day or about the book about the coming trip to Barcelona about parental cat enthusiastically I tell and I replied The notion and atno … And dating a go? With whom to celebrate Valentine’s Day will be? And for a moment it seems to me that to me is true that something is wrong. What normal person on the eve of this holiday is to run around the city and to urgently look for yourself some guy. Otherwise no life. But then I think better of and do not run. I stand still thinking. People are generally easy to understand. In Russia, because there is no loneliness culture. No word in the Russian language which can be called free girl and not to offend. In English, there is a concept girl single and we have that?

Lonely means one and miserable. Single by no, that is already laid down in advance the negative. Single? Denial and depreciation all girlfriends in pairs and only you stayed on one. Free? And that if you are married then once a slave? And how do you old maid? A sprightly divorcee? A grass widow? So by our verbal marital status turns into defeat. In this case, men have a great status for all occasions ‘bachelor’ A beautiful word excellent value lucky guy These so stereotypes in society the man can be alone and happy and a woman no.

Stereotypes also apply to holidays. Let’s be honest Valentine’s Day is not so much people spend with loved ones. On the contrary often meet the sad girls who are waiting for his only. Or men ready to take advantage. On pikaperskie sites and write The best days to tackle women 14 February and 8 March. At this time, they particularly unhappy vulnerable, and ready for anything. Those who have a pair the feast boast in social networks bouquets or quarrel because that things did not go according to the script. Not much magic but hoped it would be desirable. Here and interrogates everyone and you what do you do on February 14?

I’ve even noticed that. Truly close people to understand that I’m fine. A less familiar and strive to diagnose anything. You have say depression. Then mind I must be bad and I was really good. Well, I do not know sigh it is better to consult a specialist. A specialist that is my favorite counselor Nelly Yakimova says this The influence of stereotypes is very strong. It is difficult to live and do not pay attention to the fact that on you expect and even require the family and society. Hard not to succumb to pressure and did not declare war on those who believe that we are living is wrong. And the most difficult to account for those women who at heart or even open would like for yourself a completely different who feel inferior without a pair. Alone same as such there is nothing wrong if we are talking about it not about loneliness. What’s the Difference? Loneliness is closely linked with a sense of the needs of someone and feel their inferiority which is intended to make up for the other. Loneliness also gives us the opportunity the time and place for a meeting with him. Only know yourself for real you can prepare for the meeting with the other. es. I finally wrote a book. Nearly.

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