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The biological benefits of green manure

The organic farmer in his attempt to maintain fertile soil of the field he has at his disposal a number of cultural practices environmentally friendly.

The biological benefits of green manure

he green manure has to do with cultivating a particular category of plants the most typical representative legumes so that they can adapt to the ground. Step incorporation of green manure of plants is determined with maximum content of nitrogen and other nutrients. Usually this stage starts a little time before flowering without excluding different cutting ways.

The application of green manure on the farm gives many advantages for the farmer as

  • Efficient use of rainwater.
  • Increasing the nitrogen content in the soil.
  • Reduction of soil erosion risk.
  • Smaller nutrient losses due to leaching.
  • Weed control and soil pests such as nematodes.
  • The purposes of green manure identified three main points that are important for biological crop growers
  • The fight against diseases and pests.
  • The soil enrichment in organic matter.
  • Soil consolidation.
  • Despite its many advantages the green manure if not applied properly can cause problems in the culture. The main problems of improper implementation are
  • Fall of the main culture yields since the integration or the cut occurs at the wrong time.
  • Excessive water consumption if not selected suitable plant species.
  • Increased pest populations if green manure plants are not suited to the conditions in the region.

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