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The phenomenon of twin fruits in cherry

The phenomenon of twin fruits in cherry

The phenomenon of twin or double fruits in cherry is an unwanted feature that reduces the commercial value of the fruit. The formation of twin cherries due to abnormal development of the flower resulting in the same stalk to two fertilized ovaries.

The phenomenon of twin fruits in cherry

The main reasons that cause this phenomenon are the orientation temperature and variety of fruit and the cherry orchards. In particular in areas with hot summer especially July and August fruits cherry observed an increased rate of twins fruits. Recent studies have shown that the summer temperatures correlate very highly with the genetic factor. This means that there are varieties with a strong predisposition to the formation of double nuts and other phenomenon occurs weaker.

At the same time exposure of fruit to southwest orientation is strongly correlated with the appearance of double nuts. Above the branch the greatest number of twin cherries observed at 100 cm length and laterally.

The problem of control measures based on the precautionary principle. For this reason the farmer is required to select the correct location where the temperature in the first summer months does not exceed the 32oC. Among others it is advisable to select strains that are known not to exhibit a strong tendency of forming double nuts.

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