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The problems of soil compaction

The term soil compression refers to the process by which the structure of the soil is changed complicating greatly crop growth. Generally the soil is the result of the coexistence of the three components of the air solid particles and water forming porosity. Once occurred compression then the solid soil components are compressed and resources are few and large.

The problems of soil compaction

Factors leading compressing in a territory divided into natural and human. The main physical cause is the raindrops wherein kroustopoioun soil phenomenon coincides with surface compression and prevent the emergence of seedlings. The problem is treated using rotary tools for destruction of the crust.

The reasons are paralleled with the grower activities are more and final attributed to the limited knowledge of the agent called the ground. More specifically:

The absence rotational system has resulted in an absence of exchanges various types of root system which could break the compacted soil surface. At the same time this situation strengthens the introduction plow and more intense treatment to the ground.

Intense and continuous plowing at the same depth leading to subsurface compaction.

The heavy duty machines basically have the greatest responsibility for the compression of farmland.

The consequences are even more negative when the passes made on wet ground.

By compressing the soil loses many features that are highly desirable for its quality while obviously prejudiced by the farm itself. Some of the effects of compression on crops are the following.

Limitation of performance.

Preventing the penetration of roots resulting in inadequate development of the entire plant.

Reduction of product quality.

Reduced rate of absorption of nutrients and water.

Finally it should be noted that a slight compression sought when sowing takes place and it is necessary to good adhesion of the seeds in the ground to promote rooting.

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