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Useful information about the cannabis plant

Useful information about the cannabis plant

Cannabis Cannabis sativa belongs to the botanical family Cannabaceae and subspecies sativa as to the properties included in the category of fiber plants. Simultaneously the hemp seeds are characterized by a high oil content which could be exploited in a wide range in the industry.

Useful information about the cannabis plant

Driven by EU legislation the basic criterion for cannabis cultivation with the aim of oil or fiber content is essentially tetrafdrokannavidioli THC which should not exceed the limit of 0.2% in the plant seeds.

The plants of cannabis give either female or male flowers with the latter being an earlier maturation giving better performance and fiber quality. From a morphological point of view the male plants do not create tassel. On the other female flowers form the famous “tassels” which is rich in hashish.

Another source of production of hashish resin is leaves and bracts particular which include flowers. The basic compound leaves with leaflets arranged radially while the bracts may be without stalk complex or simple. On the leaves there are three types of hair of which the resin is glandular secretion organs that of hashish.

The root system of cannabis palisade with many secondary roots are arranged laterally on the ground. The extent of root system depends on the composition of the soil with a preference for slightly penetrating soils up width 80 cm to 2 meters deep. The development of the root system in combination with features of the overground portion makes hemp a culture which does not need large amounts of water and can and combats are weeds.

The stem of the plant can grow up to 6 meters but ideal height for optimum quality fibers are considered the 3.25 meters without vacuum stem and branches because it helps in crushing after wetting.

Since spring 2013 the Ministry of Justice launched Decree where the cultivation of cannabis allowed for the production of industrial products.

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