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What to do if you are full of aggression?

What to do if you are full of aggression?


Aggression a perfectly normal feeling in itself. The problem is that to throw out it on others, we should not and we understand it but that it is still possible to do do not know. And while it remains inside and destroying ourselves. Who will tell how to deal with it without killing anyone.

Since we live in a very close society and constantly three on other people’s varying degrees of affinity with varying degrees of intensity we periodically want some of them to hug and squeeze to the heart and someone impaled and sipping a mojito look how out of it slowly leaves the soul. Psychopath from a normal person distinguishes only one thing. Then as normal people sometimes think psychopaths go and just do it. So if you occasionally feel the urge to hurt another person it does not matter either physically or mentally, it does not mean that you are a psychopath and you urgently need to be hospitalized. You just feel aggression. Her experience is absolutely all people.

When a person is experiencing aggression testosterone is released. Testosterone a hormone action. He can not sit still his vector necessarily go in some direction. Therefore, the most harmful with aggression is to throw the image of the French aristocrat and say Aggression? What are you not at all. Where is my fan I’m hot. And it seems the pressure has risen. When you are aggressive you should know you have to act if you do not want to aggression went inside and began to destroy your brain and your health.

So since the law is forbidden to kill people and psychopaths in councils and so do not need it may be advisable to normal people do with aggression towards others or to themselves self aggression? There are few effective options.

love. In this case I’m talking about love between adults valid personalities by mutual consent and mutual pleasure. love in which one gives because it requires a second leads to the opposite effect even more aggression. Generally love it’s not a joke they have to do it so to help you clever books for example Mars and Venus in the bed. Well, the smart partners of course.
Sport. People with active aggression in the astrological chart of people stressed out signs of the elements of Fire and Air suitable for active enterprising often competitive sports. People with passive aggression suitable calm and relaxing sports in astrology can be seen through the signs of the elements of Earth and Water here under sports are also yoga and Pilates.
Creation. Aggression can remarkably dissolve while playing music choose the drum once, drawing there is even a special training or at the box game where you can afford to be anything and behave as you like.
Expression of anger. We often suppress their anger because we are afraid to offend the other person. But it seems to us that we repress it just goes inside poisoning our body. However, the good news is that the mind is still on whom you scream. So find a place where you can yell enough. Or select a service you can break or the pillow you can beat or cut with a knife knife you do a little bit psycho right?.
Mother. You do not have to roll his eyes. First you build yourself nuns and then do not understand where does gastritis.
Find a competent consultant. Psychologist therapist or coach who specialize in aggression conditions help you to express your emotions through the state already so you have caused harm to themselves or others.

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