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why are we afraid to fly and what to do when traveling by plane

why are we afraid to fly and what to do when traveling by plane
why are we afraid to fly

Turbulence decompression an emergency landing … It is best not to continue this list. In those moments, the stomach is compressed into a ball of fear but cold and sweaty hands are starting to look at least sweaty hands on the neighbor’s chair. Convinced Atheists according to the laws of the paradox are starting to believe in God and his promise to behave well only be carried by In general such a fear can spoil you not only a long awaited vacation but also greatly complicate the life.

subconscious Games

Every year come more and more new version of ipad ipod the iphone and our brains after 20 centuries and have not learned to be updated. He still thinks that people do not fly the birds and we are not given they say once we have wings we do not have to climb into the sky. This fear of flying is with us somewhere deep in the subconscious on a nearby shelf with that where there is a fear of snakes and spiders.

Tip 50 years ago, the transfer of messages by e mail, too, seemed to be a miracle. Progress does not stand still so that that we fly do not be surprised but pleased.

Fear of losing control of the situation

This is the reason rather is characteristic of a strong half of mankind. Many men are afraid to fly because of the fact that does not fly a plane and therefore do not control anything. In the case of emergency situations they do not have to rely on yourself and your strength. Simply put when you’re driving a car it all depends on you. On the plane are all very different a technical malfunction the pilot lost control of … Here your help is clearly no one will need. Unless asked to not to worry and remain calm.

Tip on the road, too, not everything depends on you. There are ice bad brakes and drunk drivers. And sitting at the controls of a professional that is sure to be able to deal with an extraordinary situation.


Afraid unexpectedly to see the very old woman with a scythe? Perhaps you thanatophobia. It was so called uncontrollable fear of sudden death. In this case, it is the fear of the crash. Thanatophobia Unlike the usual fear is that it occurs regardless there is a threat to life or not people simply feared the unknown. This fear arises for reasons beyond our control.

Tip thoughts of death spoils life. Enjoy the moment and not be afraid of what would happen sometime later.


If as a child you told verses standing on a stool climbed trees with the boys, or bungee jump from then you can be absolutely sure aerophobia it’s not about you. Many people are afraid to fly because of the obsessive fear of heights which pursues them throughout their lives. You will start to climb the ladder dizzy and say nothing about flying at several thousand meters above the ground ?

Tip to settle on a high floor or go to ride. Perhaps it will help you cope with fear. Then you can fly without problem.

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